Opal Seal

One of the most significant challenges faced by patients when wearing braces is keeping their teeth clean. Braces can make proper oral hygiene difficult and more time-consuming, which puts patients at greater risk for dental decay and decalcification of tooth enamel. When decalcification occurs, the patient’s teeth are discolored, usually with white splotches on the surface.

Because we are concerned about your overall dental health, we proudly offer Opal Seal in our office! Opal Seal is a flouride-containing sealant which helps block plaque and prevent decalcification of tooth enamel. Opal Seal is applied before we bond the brackets to your teeth, and it will release a steady, low dose of fluoride to the enamel over time.

Opal Seal is a clear sealant solution, but your general dentist may be able to detect its presence on your teeth. You are still able to have routine teeth cleanings while wearing Opal Seal. One application can last for months, and we will shine a black light on your teeth to determine if Opal Seal is still present on your teeth. Reapplication when necessary is no problem!

While Opal Seal is not designed as a replacement for brushing, flossing or regular fluoride treatments from your dentist, when combined with these hygiene habits, Opal Seal can significantly decrease your chances of damaging your tooth enamel while wearing braces!

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